PFAC - Eugene, OR

PeaceHealth Medical Group - University District

“Our PFAC engages select patients, family members of patients and members of the healthcare team in the operations and strategy of our medical group. They have driven change, giving the leadership of our group clear guidance, insight and most of all, inspiration. We now have patients as members of our committees and governing structures.  Woven into the fabric of our organization, the PFAC has made us stronger, more flexible and far more vibrant than we could have ever been without them. We are truly blessed.”  ~ Dr. Rick Kincade

PFAC Accomplishments 

  • Contributed to the “My PeaceHealth” patient portal design and content.
  • Performed environmental assessments on clinic facilities, waiting rooms and exam rooms for the purpose of sharing the experience of patients using these spaces.
  • Shared feedback on written letters, documents and policies.
  • Contributed to the Home Visit Program design and rollout.
  • Brought awareness to privacy issues in the waiting room – during the check-in process.
  • Helped design a webpage to share information about the PFAC program.
  • Provided patient-friendly language for patient pre-surgical packets.
  • Improved ethnic minority care experiences by collaborating on the national project with the Institute for Patient-and-Family-Centered Care.
  • Helped develop the pain management program and policy.
  • Contributed to design and content for new patient guidebooks.


  • The PFAC meets 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month, except July and December. After the application and interview process is reviewed and accepted, you will recieve invites to attend these meetings. 
  • Attendance is important as we cover topics that can sometimes build on one another, and can be difficult to get up to speed or overwhelming if meetings are missed. Being on a PFAC is a two-year commitment to ensure we have the same people dedicated to partnering with us on ideas and improvements, rather than constantly rotating people on and off the PFAC.
  • For more information contact: Patty Black, Coordinator

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