For PeaceHealth Medical Group Patients

We care about your safety with medications. We want to know when you make changes to the prescribed medicines, herbals, supplements or over the counter medicines you take.

PeaceHealth Medical Group has a standard way to review this complete information about what you take each and every time you visit with your clinician. 

  • During your visit, we print the medication list on record and share it with you as you wait for your appointment
  • Please make any changes to this list so that it accurately reflects what you currently take. Remember to include herbals, supplements or over the counter medicines.
  • This list will be reviewed and confirmed with you and we will update our computer record. 
  • The clinician will talk with you about any changes or additions that might be needed based on your reason for the visit
  • You will be offered an updated list to keep with you at the end of your visit. It comes in a handy wallet-sized card, if you prefer.

We keep this record on our computer system. If we order other medications to treat a condition you may have, the computer has safety checks so that we avoid ordering anything that might conflict with anything else you take.

Between visits, please call us or use My PeaceHealth to update us if you make any changes to what you are taking.

If you wish, a wallet-size card of your medication list can be printed for you to keep with you at all times. We recommend you have one, even if you are not on many medicines. In an emergency, this is important information that medical staff needs to know and that you may not remember. 

New Patients

Please bring in a list of your medications and your pill bottles with you to your first visit at PeaceHealth Medical Group. Please include the start date, medicine name, dose strength, how often you take it, what it is taken for and who prescribed it.

Remember, MAP Your Medications!

  • Monitor what you take
  • Ask us any questions you may have about your medications
  • Prevent any medication error from happening to you

Together we can help you maintain your health!