Mental Health

For many of us life today can seem increasingly fast paced and complex, resulting in stress, anger, anxiety, and even depression. Maintaining good health isn’t just about eating right and exercise. It’s also about having good coping skills and getting help when you need it. Our counseling professionals are dedicated to helping people get through difficult times in their lives and then get back to enjoying life. More advanced conditions such as mental illness, bi-polar disorder, phobias, eating disorders, congenital and genetic disorders are also treated by our licensed and credentialed counseling staff. So if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, we want to help. Because mental health is part of good health.

PeaceHealth Counseling Services in Florence provides assistance for a variety of issues including specialized programs for persons suffering from chronic mental illness and short-term, solution-focused therapy for persons with mild emotional difficulties. We also provide the Healthy Start program, a free parent education program that teaches healthy parenting skills to first-time parents of western Lane County. Sliding fee scale available.