WLCF Grant Funding Benefits Peace Harbor Patients


​Patients at Peace Harbor Hospital and PeaceHealth Counseling Services have benefited from two grants received earlier this year from Western Lane Community Foundation. Due to WLCF funding, Peace Harbor was able to purchase much needed equipment and PeaceHealth Counseling has been able to deliver a one year educational program for their clients.

With WLCF funds, the hospital’s Maternity Department was able to replace a 20 year old breast milk pump for new mothers. Medical science has proven that there are many benefits of breastfeeding, to both infants and mothers.  Breastfeeding provides optimal nutrients for infant growth and development, it enhances infants’ immunological defenses, facilitates mother/infant bonding, and aids in the mothers’ recovery from childbirth. Breast milk pumping promotes the early initiation of breastfeeding, adequate breast milk production, and breastfeeding support.

 Since the purchase of the new breast pump in April, Peace Harbor Hospital has had more than 20 births; of those births more than 80 percent were breastfeeding at the time of discharge. The new Medela  Symphony Breast Pump is already enhancing the breast feeding experience and for many years  will continue to be a major benefit to both mothers and infants cared for at our hospital.
With funding from WLCF, PeaceHealth Counseling Services has been able to deliver a weekly program, called the Social Strategy Group, for clients who have serious mental illness. The goal of this program is to improve the lives of mentally ill individuals in our community by offering them opportunities to participate in supervised social and educational activities.

These individuals do not possess even the most basic living skills. Their illness prevents them from basic social participation in the community, resulting in depression and social isolation. By participating in this program, clients develop socialization skills (collaboration, cooperation, communication), learn appropriate behavior in various public situations, and are taught basic living skills in order to take proper care of themselves.  Improved socialization skills benefit both the clients and our community.

During this year clients have participated in safe, supervised projects, such as gardening, arts & crafts. Participants have gone on group field trips in order to learn basic skills such as how to ride the Rhodie bus and how to do grocery shopping. They have viewed educational videos focusing on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and safety. This program has expanded the lives of socially isolated and marginalized mentally ill people in our community, and improved their ability to interact with the community-at-large in ways that are safe and appropriate.

Thanks to the generous support of Western Lane Community Foundation, patients and clients will benefit for years to come.