What we need

Our physicians have seen family after family where the baby at breast was round and rosy, but the children who were no longer nursing were thin, pale and listless.  They diagnosed likely cases of parasites or water-born bacteria, and it made them wonder how these families could have access to clean, safe drinking water.  We wanted to find a way for PazSalud to help.

We learned about Sawyer Water Filters, a simple, gravity-fed filter that removes the bacteria and amoebas that cause so many illnesses in children and adults in Central America.  The filters are easy to clean and long-lasting -- they're guaranteed for a million gallons and one filter can serve the clean water needs of a small community.  Best of all, the cost is reasonable, at $60 per filter.  We brought a filter to a very poor community where people where delighted with the taste - just like water should taste - and applled to see the mud that came out when the filter was cleaned.  Tests showed that the tap water in this community had 110 coliform bacterica per 100 milliliters, while the filtered water had none.

Your donations make it possible

Your donations make it possible for us to provide clean water, essential medications, diagnostic testing, patient follow-up, scholarships, stipends for our Salvadoran volunteers, and assistance to poor families.

To make a donation to the mission, please make checks payable to PeaceHealth and mail to:

PeaceHealth El Salvador Health Mission
Kathy Garcia
P.O. Box 10905, Eugene, OR 97440