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VisionPros Builds PazSalud Eye Program

An energetic and dedicated group of optometrists from British Columbia, Jason Lau, Diane Manhas and Jessy Manhas, gave PazSalud two very special gifts this year. First, they organized and staffed the Eyes Clinic during our 2015 General Medical Mission, giving vision exams and lens prescriptions to over 600 patients, and referring more than 80 patients for eye surgery. To our delight, Diane has agreed to become our ongoing clinic organizer, taking over a labor of love that was started by our great friend Ken Henderson, O.D.

That is a wonderful gift for PazSalud and for the many Salvadorans who will benefit from future clinics. But that wasn't all that Diane, Jessy and Jason had in mind. They also gave PazSalud a very welcome and substantial donation from the proceeds of their optical on-line shop, (or in Canada) and have committed to ongoing support of PazSalud's work.

Jessy, Diane and Jason are talented entrepreneurs, and we look forward to benefiting from their creative ideas about ways to improve our eye clinic offerings. We especially appreciate their gift of time, expertise and energy because they left their young families at home to spend ten days making life better for the people of Tamanique, El Salvador.

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Optometrists Diane Manhas, Jessy Manhas and Jason Lau with Optical Technician Margie McGeehan during the 2015 PazSalud Medical Mission.





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