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Answers to Your SmartConnect Questions!
If you are a SmartConnect (RelayHealth) user, you can continue to access SmartConnect for your hospital-related information. If you are also a PeaceHealth Medical Group patient, we invite you to sign up for our convenient new online service called “PatientConnection” to streamline your health care!
This upgrade means that our PeaceHealth Medical Group patients are no longer using SmartConnect to connect with PeaceHealth Medical Group.  Instead, PatientConnection will give you 24/7 access to the same services you are used to, plus a lot more, including the ability to request appointments, send an electronic message to your provider, and view your test results.
Are you ready for the NEW PatientConnection?
Your existing health record will always be complete and accessible at your doctor’s office. As of March 1, 2014, your SmartConnect account is no longer used by your provider but is still and will always be available to you.  The account will only contain clinic information prior to March 1, 2014.
Register now!
To register for PatientConnection, request activation information at your next PeaceHealth Medical Group provider appointment. 
We think you’ll like PatientConnection, and will appreciate its convenience and user-friendly features. Providing you the very best technology is just one more way we partner with you in your health.
PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center (PHSW) in Vancouver, Washington, is now offering hospital patients access to their visit summary document available in SmartConnect/RelayHealth.   If you have a hospital stay, and provide your email address during your stay, you will be invited to set up your hospital account, if you do not already have one.
What is SmartConnect?
PHSW has partnered with RelayHealth to help you view your personal health record online. With SmartConnect, you can access certain information in your personal health record from your recent hospital stay at PHSW.
How do I sign up?
If you gave your email address to hospital registration staff at PHSW, you will receive an email from RelayHealth after discharging from the hospital. This email will have instructions on how to create a free account in RelayHealth.  We will not be able to update or add your email address after you have been discharged from the hospital.
I think I received a “phishing” or scam email from RelayHealth or PeaceHealth
It is important that we all remain vigilant in protecting our personal information. Please be assured that PeaceHealth’s relationship with RelayHealth provides you with outstanding safety, security, and privacy for your health information. RelayHealth is the organization that powers our current hospital online system, which we call SmartConnect.
Why does the set up wizard ask for my health insurance information?
There are a variety of ways RelayHealth accounts can be used by physicians.  PeaceHealth does not use the information you input into your Personal Health Record (PHR).  This is an account we use to send you information.  Using the set up Wizard, and how much information you add to your PHR, is optional and solely determined by you.  It is a great way to keep your medical information documented in one place with easy access to view or download.
Is my health record secure?
RelayHealth uses the latest security technology to keep your health record private. When you set up your account, you will choose a personal login and password. This will help keep your account private and secure.
What should I expect to see once I have an account?
About 36 hours after leaving PHSW, your hospital stay information will be available in your personal health record. This will not have everything from your stay. However, it will have information such as allergies, vital signs, discharge instructions, plan of care, labs and other results. Please refer to the printed information provided at discharge for the most complete list of your medications and discharge instructions. 
What if I have questions?
For more information about RelayHealth, contact the RelayHealth help desk at (866) 735-2963. Contact your health care provider with health questions or about your hospital stay.
I forgot my RelayHealth/SmartConnect password or user name?
You can use the self-help function on the RelayHealth login page to obtain this information. Or, contact the RelayHealth help desk at (866) 735-2963.
What if I see information in my account that is not mine?
Please contact the RelayHealth help desk at (866) 735-2963 immediately to have the issue resolved.


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