PeaceHealth Medical Group

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Committed to Innovative Care & Superior Results

PeaceHealth Medical Group (PHMG) continually looks for innovative ways to improve patient care.

PHMG leads the nation in medication reconciliation in the outpatient environment. Because inaccuracies in patients’ medication histories can lead to potentially harmful errors, PHMG created a common system-wide medication reconciliation process. The accuracy of patients’ medication lists has increased dramatically, preventing harm to patients by decreasing adverse drug events. Caregivers partner with patients to ensure that current, accurate and complete medication lists exist for every patient at every point of care.

Care for patients with diabetes is another area where PHMG offers superior results. The National Committee for Quality Assurance and American Diabetes Association recognizes physicians who use evidence-based measures and provide excellent care to their diabetic patients. Currently, more than 50 PHMG primary-care physicians have received this national recognition.