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Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) – Bellingham, Washington

PeaceHealth Medical Group – Bellingham Community Clinics

“We hear a lot about patient-centered care these days. Patient Family Advisory Councils are proving to be the “center” for quality improvement. By serving on a PFAC, members share ideas and experiences that improve patient education materials, better signage in clinics and hospitals, simple amenities for pediatric patients. Your voice as a PFAC member is a powerful motivator for change to better serve our community.”

Patient Family Advisory Council Team Bellingham WAPFAC Accomplishments 

  • The pediatric transfer project
  • Cardiology Post Procedure Discharge instructions
  • Patient outreach letters (i.e. Diabetes) to ensure they were patient-friendly and easy to understand
  • Website content


  • The PFAC meets  4:30 - 6 pm on the third Tuesday of every month. After the application and interview process is reviewed and accepted, you will receive invites to attend these meetings. 
  • Attendance is important as we cover topics that can sometimes build on one another, and can be difficult to get up to speed or overwhelming if meetings are missed. Being on a PFAC is a two-year commitment to ensure we have the same people dedicated to partnering with us on ideas and improvements, rather than constantly rotating people on and off the PFAC.
  • Currently we have seven PFAC members and would like to have a total of 12 members.
  • To learn more or to apply for the PFAC, contact Heather France, patient experience specialist.
  • For patient concerns or to share a great experience, call the Hot Line to Heart at 1-844-749-8817.

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