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Our Community Commitment

In Our Communities

More than 215,000 individuals in the counties served by PeaceHealth in Alaska, Oregon and Washington are food insecure.

About one-quarter of these people earn too much to qualify for assistance, adding to the potential risk they face. Food insecurity among children in PeaceHealth communities is equal to or higher than the national average.

Child & Family Nutrition

As a registered dietician, I’ve seen firsthand the role that nutrition plays in determining one’s overall health and development. The link between food insecurity and diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity and other health issues is well-proven. For children, food insecurity can contribute to a higher risk of chronic diseases, learning difficulties and social and behavioral problems.”

Liz Dunne, PeaceHealth President and CEO

Community Health Initiatives

Based on the needs of our communities, PeaceHealth is focused on four areas of community health: child and family nutrition; addressing the lack of affordable low-income housing; improving care through community health workers; and responding to the opioid epidemic while helping those struggling with substance use disorder and chronic pain.

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Guided by Our Mission & Values

A Message from Liz Dunne, PeaceHealth President and CEO

PeaceHealth’s Mission and Values guide us to not only provide the best in safe, high-quality care, but to go above and beyond traditional “healthcare” by identifying additional ways we can make a real difference in the health and well-being of our communities. After all, great clinical care is just one key component that influences overall health. Fostering healthy communities means reaching people before they are sick and supporting their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Working with strong community-based partners, we are keenly focused on collaborative efforts to increase the social, physical and economic health and well-being of our neighborhoods and communities—from improving access to nutritious foods and affordable low-income housing, to providing essential social and behavioral health services, especially for our most vulnerable. And we are committed to doing even more.

About Liz Dunne

Liz Dunne is President and Chief Executive Officer of PeaceHealth, a non-profit Catholic health system offering care to communities in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Ms. Dunne is a registered dietician and retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel