Student Nursing Clinical Placement Sites

(Updated 05/2016)

2 North
Medical Surgical Unit with a focus on surgical patients (general surgery, urologic, ENT, plastic, gynecologic) and general medical overflow.

2 South
Medical Unit with telemetry capability and a focus on medical patients (general medical, cardiology, dermatology, ENT & pulmonology).

3 North Oncology
Medical Unit with a focus on oncology-including chemotherapy and medical patients (general medical & palliative care).

3 South Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
Intermediate/Step-Down Unit for inpatients.

4 South Medical Cardiology
Medical Cardiology Unit with a focus on hemodynamically stable patients with a variety of cardiac disorders such as congestive heart failure, post cardiac arrest and post cardiac interventions.

4 North
Medical Unit with an emphasis on cardiology.

4 West
Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit with a focus on patients with physical and/or cognitive impairment from injury or illness resulting in functional disabilities of mobility, safety, problem solving, communication and activities of daily living, which may be realistically improved through intensive rehabilitation. The primary care team includes MD, RN, PT and OT with social work, case management and speech/language therapy support.

Tower 4 Cardiovasular Intensive Care Unit (CV ICU)
Critical Care Unit with a focus on patients with cardiac, cardiac surgery, vascular, pulmonology, renal, infectious disease, hepatology, hematology, and psychiatric patients with primary cardiology and medical disorders.

Tower 5 Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Intensive Care Unit with a focus on patients who have sustained a life-threatening injury, illness or condition.

Tower 6 Neurology
Medical Surgical Unit with a focus on neuroscience.

Tower 7 Surgical
Surgical Unit with a focus on surgical patients (stable trauma, general surgery, vascular, thoracic, urology, gynecology, ENT, and bariatric).

Tower 8 Orthopedics, Ortho, Trauma & Plastics 
Surgical Unit with an emphasis on surgical patients, primary focus of orthopedics, orthopedic trauma and plastics.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Cardiac and pulmonary rehab is an outpatient service provided to assist people with heart and /or pulmonary diseases in quality of life improvement, positive lifestyle change, and secondary prevention.

Cardiovascular Angiography Department (CVAD)
Cardiovascular Angiography Unit with a focus on providing diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures to inpatients, outpatients, and emergency patients. Procedures performed include heart catheterizations, angiograms, stent placements, pacemaker implantation, and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasties.

Cardiovascular Observation Unit (CVO) 
Cardiovascular Observation Unit provides nursing care to inpatients and outpatients who will undergo a procedure in the Cardiovascular Angiography Department. The RN oversees all patient care, including pre-admission, admission, prep, recovery, hospital admission and home discharge.

Clinical Education
Clinical Education with a focus on providing educator, facilitator, consulting, researcher and leadership support for clinical, non-clinical and organizational learning and educational activities while promoting community partnerships.

Emergency Department
Emergency Department with a focus on providing optimal nursing care and assessing and treating patients with an acute medical condition.

Employee Health
Employee Health with a focus on workplace disease prevention and health promotion for all caregivers.  This includes contractors, students and volunteers. They manage programs regulated by OSHA, DNV and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Specifically: Adult Immunizations, Tuberculosis Program, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures, Infections Patient and/or Caregiver Exposures; Annual Screenings, Respiratory Protection Training, Ergonomics and Workplace Safety Prevention Programs.

Family Medicine Southwest
Family Medicine Southwest (FMSW) is a Family Practice Residency program affiliated with the University of Washington. They provide primary care needs and coordinate care across other health care settings, including hospital, specialty, and mental health services. The Healthcare team is made up of highly skilled and compassionate physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, behavioral health (therapist and social worker) and medical support staff.

HomeCare Southwest
Assists homebound patients in returning to their maximum level of functioning and provides services to help them stay at home in their usual and customary surroundings.

Hospice Southwest
Integrated end of life care in the home delivered through an interdisciplinary team composed of the physician, medical director, nurses, medical social workers, chaplains, home health aides, counselors, volunteers, dietitians, and other disciplines as needed.

Infection Prevention
Infection Prevention includes surveillance, education, consultation, collaboration, and implementation of policies and procedures relevant to the infection prevention program plan for all patient populations, visitors and caregivers.

Infusion Oncology (Cancer Center)
Provides comprehensive cancer services for inpatient and outpatient adults receiving oncology and hematology infusion services.

Interventional Pain Clinic
An outpatient clinic with a focus on provider consults, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and medical management of chronic pain.

Kearney Breast Center
Provides breast care procedures to inpatients, outpatients, and emergency patients.

Memorial Urgent Care Clinic
Ambulatory Care Clinic that provides all ages walk-in and same day appointments. Patients presenting with an emergency medical condition receive a medical screening examination as required by federal regulations.

Mother Baby Unit
Family Birth Center provides inpatient services (labor, delivery, recovery, & postpartum) and outpatient services (antepartum testing, labor evaluation & minor surgical procedures) for women of child-bearing age and newborns. Also provides obstetrical surgery and other OB/GYN emergencies.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with a focus on providing care for neonates, including premature infants of all gestations, and infants up to 6 months of age on a case by case basis.

Operating Room (OR)
The Operating Room (Surgery) works in conjunction with the Anesthesia Department, Surgical Pre-op Area, and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in providing continuity of care through pre-operative assessment and preparation, intra-operative intervention and post-operative evaluation. An RN is always assigned the circulating role.

Short Stay Unit (SSU)
Provides an effective, high-quality interdisciplinary care delivery environment for perioperative, diagnostic imaging and specific oncology patients.

Same Day Services (SDS)
Surgical PreOp Outpatient/Same Day Services is a surgical unit with a focus on providing pre-op admission for inpatients and pre and post-op care of outpatients.

Pediatric Unit with a focus on non-critical medical pediatric patients who are on the Pediatric or Family Medicine Services and/or any medical or surgical services patient up to the age of puberty.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Critical Care Department with a focus on providing constant observation and nursing care in the immediate post-anesthesia recovery period. Patients have undergone surgical, obstetric, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures requiring a general anesthetic.

Psychiatric Services: Inpatient (Station II),  Outpatient (ADAPT), Psych ED, Behavioral Health Consultation & Liaison 
Provides comprehensive, inpatient, outpatient and crisis mental health services for adults. Inpatient services include crisis stabilization, medication therapy, milieu therapy, education and discharge planning, including referrals to community resources.

Quality and Patient Safety
Quality and Patient Safety with a focus on zero preventable harm through implementing and following evidence-based medicine, including the Strategic Quality and Patient Safety Plan.

Ray Hickey Hospice House (RHHH)
Ray Hickey Hospice House with a focus on integrated end of life care delivered through an interdisciplinary team composed of the physician, medical director, registered nurses, certified nurse aides, medical social worker, chaplains, counselors, volunteers and dieticians. They offer general inpatient, residential and respite care.

Vascular Access
Provides vascular access needs to all departments including PICC line placement, accessing/de-accessing implanted ports, central line management and back-up nursing support for peripheral line access.

Wound Healing Center
Provides a diagnostic and therapeutic center for treating acute and chronic problem wounds, diabetic wounds, late effect radiation injuries, surgical wounds as well as non-wound related injuries.