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PeaceHealth celebrates LGBTQ Supreme Court ruling

June 19, 2020

PeaceHealth joins the LGBTQ community in celebrating the landmark ruling from the Supreme Court on Monday, June 15, that protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination in employment. This is a resounding victory for LGBTQ rights and a protection that has been ongoing for PeaceHealth caregivers and their families.

In addition to that ruling, on Friday, June 12, the federal government finalized a rule to remove nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people when it comes to healthcare and health insurance. We will continue offering high quality patient care to our LGBTQ patients regardless of this new ruling. PeaceHealth medical coverage for our caregivers and their dependents remains protected.

Our PeaceHealth Mission is to treat each person in a loving a caring way, and we are committed to accepting everyone – caregivers, providers and patients – meeting people where they are. Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity will not be tolerated at PeaceHealth. We are committed to continuous improvement of policies, processes, education and technology enhancements that makes our services more inclusive and culturally responsive for LGBTQ patients.