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How to take off disposable gloves

Grasp the cuff.

Use one hand to grab the cuff of the other glove.
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slide 1 of 5, Grasp the cuff.,

Use the hand that you write with to grasp the cuff of the glove on the other hand.

Pull the glove off.

Start at the cuff and pull the glove off so that it turns inside out.
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slide 2 of 5, Pull the glove off.,

Pull that glove off so that it is inside out. Be sure any soiled material stays inside that glove.

Ball up the glove.

Ball up the glove with your covered hand and then put one or two bare fingers inside the second glove so you can remove it.
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slide 3 of 5, Ball up the glove.,

Ball up the removed glove in the palm of your gloved hand. Slide one or two bare fingers inside the other glove. Make sure that the bare fingers don't touch the outside of the glove.

Peel off the other glove.

Pull the second glove off over the balled-up glove.
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slide 4 of 5, Peel off the other glove.,

Pull down with those fingers, peeling off the glove. The first glove will be inside the second glove.

Throw away gloves.

Throw away the gloves.
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slide 5 of 5, Throw away gloves.,

Throw away the gloves in a plastic bag, and wash your hands.

Current as of: June 16, 2022

Author: Healthwise Staff
Medical Review:
Kathleen Romito MD - Family Medicine
Gayle E. Stauffer, RN - Registered Nurse


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