Telehealth Clinics

Technology helps us bring our specialists to you.

Offering Key Services To Southeast Alaska

As a small medical facility in a remote location, PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center can't always provide full time specialized medical services for our patients. That doesn't mean we don't offer those services.

Gastroenterology (GI) Services

With our PeaceHealth Medical Group partner in Bellingham, we're able to offer Gastroenterology (GI) visits for patients with digestive problems. Specialists from St. Joseph Hospital travel to Ketchikan regularly to meet with our patients in person. It provides a valuable service when it's needed and uses the broad expertise of other PeaceHealth physicians. Visit GI Services for more information.

Oncology Clinic

Also in partnership with PeaceHealth Medical Group in Bellingham, we're able to offer local Oncology care for patients living with cancer. Oncologists from PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center regularly travel to Ketchikan meet with our patients in person. This valuable clinic allows local cancer patients to receive specialized care in Ketchikan, with telehealth appointments in between. Visit Cancer Center for more information.

PeaceHealth Sleep Center

We built a sleep lab within the walls of PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center so local patients with sleep disorders can be tested locally. Then a board-certified PeaceHealth sleep disorder physician in Bellingham reviews the test and recommends treatment. Could it be any easier for patients in Ketchikan? Visit PeaceHealth Sleep Center for more information.