Yordy speaks with Community


​CEO of PeaceHealth, Alan Yordy, spoke with Ketchikan community members on Tuesday during a joint Chamber and Rotary luncheon.

Mr. Yordy's talk with community members in Ketchikan was precipitated by an e-mail from longtime resident Mike Harpold posing many weighty questions about the future hospital expansion project and of health care in general. Mr. Harpold shared that he was surprised when he received a phone call back from Mr. Yordy to discuss his questions. After this discussion, Mr. Yordy offered to share the same information with other members of the community.

Mr. Yordy's presentation Tuesday touched on the history of PeaceHealth in Ketchikan, the state of health care in our country and the pressing need for the "Your Health—Your Future" addition and alterations project. He also answered several very detailed questions from community members with help from various PeaceHealth Ketchikan leaders.

Read more about Mr. Yordy's presentation in the Ketchikan Daily News article "PeaceHealth: Capital $ needed for the hospital to be a hub" from the December 5, 2012 edition.

PeaceHealth CEO Alan Yordy presents to Ketchikan Chamber/Rotary luncheon Tuesday, December 3.