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The Blair Family

Linda Blair was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at 19 weeks pregnant. Soon after she began chemotherapy. At 27 weeks and round three of her chemo treatment, Linda’s water broke. She and husband Rob, were transported by ambulance to Sacred Heart’s NICU just hours before Ava was born. Baby Ava arrived in the world at only 970 grams (2 pounds, 2 ounces). Since the Blair family lived in Corvallis and Ava would spend over 10 weeks in the NICU, the couple was given a room at the Guest House. “Being near Ava during such a difficult time was incredible. I’m certain it contributed to her consistent and steady improvement while she was in the NICU,” said Rob.


Mallory McDonald 

Mallory McDonald was only 16 years old when she had her first reconstructive knee surgery. After she was discharged, she and her mom, Debbie, got in their car and drove five hours home to Brookings, Oregon. They didn’t know about the Guest House, or that they could have spent a couple affordable nights there so Mallory could recoup before making such a long drive. The second time she had reconstructive knee surgery, her mom connected with a case worker, and they were able to spend a couple nights at the Guest House.“Her knee healed much better that time – those two nights meant everything! And now she’s playing college basketball,” said a very proud Debbie.


Jim Wilbur

Jim Wilbur suffered a very rare stroke in his spinal cord, rendering him completely paralyzed except for the use of 2 fingers on his left hand. He was rushed from his hometown Winston, Oregon to Sacred Heart’s Intensive Care Unit. After four and a half weeks in the ICU, Jim was now ready for inpatient rehabilitation, but Oregon Rehabilitation Center required that his wife, Mari, could participate 100% in his rehabilitation. Jim and Mari lived almost two hours away and would need to temporarily find a long-term and affordable place for Mari to live. “We couldn’t afford a hotel, but I was able to stay at the Guest House. It was an amazing home away from home, and it allowed Jim to receive the best care possible,” said Mari.