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Resources to foster household well-being during stay-home orders

Community | Wellness | March 23, 2020
Family working together at kitchen table
While you're self-isolating, it's easy to feel a little stir crazy. Here are some options for keeping your loved ones calm and busy.

Whether you’re staying home in self-isolation, working from home or coming home to a stir-crazy household, here are some ideas and resources for making a tough situation a little better:

No screen required:

  1. Read a book.
  2. Enjoy card games and board games or create your own.
  3. Build with Lego or other building toys or materials.
  4. Get into yoga or meditation.
  5. Give puzzles a whirl…jigsaw, crossword, sudoku.
  6. Write a letter. A real letter. Think how wonderful it would be to get one! Include some photos, a hand-drawn picture from the kids or maybe a recipe.
  7. Cook something extraordinary. 
  8. Organize photos.
  9. Clean out your closets. You’ve put it off long enough. Your favorite thrift stores will appreciate your generous donations.

Screen dependent:

  1. Take a virtual museum tour. There are 12 international museums online.
  2. Check out a virtual field trip. Several are great for early learners.
  3. Visit a zoo from the comfort of your couch.
  4. Watch a concert. The Metropolitan Opera is streaming live-on-tape performances.
  5. Take in more live music. Free but they accept donations for the musicians if you feel inclined.
  6. Practice a language or take a class.
  7. Attend Master Classes, available for almost every skill you can imagine. $15 a month.
  8. Get creative (and destress) with free coloring pages–fun for all ages.
  9. Join children’s book author Mo Willems for a fun Lunch Doodle each Monday.
  10. Encourage kids to explore a variety of science topics with the Happy Scientist.

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