Weight Loss Success: I've Never Been Happier

Patient Stories | Weight Loss | December 25, 2017
Erica's weight loss surgery story

Hello! My name is Erica and I had gastric bypass surgery in February 2016 by Dr. Leslie Cagle at PeaceHealth. 

I had been overweight my entire adult life, with my weight ballooning to 325 pounds at my very heaviest.  I had tried every diet imaginable, with limited success - I’d lose 50 pounds and gain 60 back, over and over again.  I had been told by numerous physicians that I absolutely needed to lose weight to live a long life.  I was taking medication for high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic, I had high cholesterol, and a torn ligament in my knee that could not be surgically repaired because of my weight and the likelihood of complications.  I hated exercise because everything hurt and everything hurt because I didn’t exercise, so it was a vicious cycle.

I made the decision to look into Gastric Bypass surgery after a humiliating experience at an amusement park where I was too large to fit into a ride. Somehow that experience was the push I needed. 

I attended the weight loss surgery seminar at PeaceHealth, went through the program, and had my surgery in 2016.  It was life-changing.  During the six-month waiting period, I learned how to eat and drink the way I would need to after surgery.  I had a very positive surgical experience where my pain was managed and I was up and walking hours after surgery.  I followed my post operative eating plan and eventually got up to eating regular foods.  I can navigate the real world with my little tummy by ordering foods at restaurants I won’t mind eating for a few days and shopping for foods that fit with my lifestyle. 

I have lost a total of 145 pounds from my heaviest weight, and I have never been happier or healthier in my life.  My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is normal, I no longer have blood sugar issues, and my knee doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve also learned to look for the NSV’s (non-scale victories) like shopping in regular stores and finding my size, being able to paint my own toenails, and yes, I went to Disneyland earlier this year and rode every single ride with no problems AT ALL.  My only regret I didn’t do the surgery 10 years ago.  But I did it now, and I’m forever grateful for all the help and love I’ve received along the way.