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Make smart COVID choices as weather turns warmer

Safety | April 5, 2021
man trims bushes during spring
It’s spring! Here are some do’s and don’ts to stay safe as you return to outdoor activities.

With the days starting to turn warmer and brighter, many of us are eager to get outside.

Whether you’re keen to begin spring cleaning, tackle the yard, spread out a picnic or get back on the baseball field, here are some do’s and don’ts for returning to the outdoors safely.

Do make smart choices

Through increased vaccination efforts, our communities are working toward building “herd immunity” that will offer an additional layer of protection against the coronavirus. Until we get there, we still need to be careful.

And after more than a year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, you know the drill. Keep making the smart choices you’ve relied on to stay safe:

  • Wash your hands. This is still the single most important act you can do to keep yourself and others from spreading germs of all kinds. Learn more here.
  • Wear a mask. This applies indoors if you’re among others who aren’t vaccinated. Outdoor masking depends on how easy it is for you to socially distance from others. Read more on masks.
  • Watch your distance. Six feet is the prevailing standard for most situations. Read more here.
  • Watch your community’s case rate. If you see spikes in COVID-19 cases, tailor your routines to best ensure your safety and that of others. (Check this map for COVID spread.)

Don’t risk injury or illness 

Many of us have been cooped up inside for weeks and months. The following reminders can help you avoid injuries and illness as you get back to favorite outdoor activities:

  • Don’t jump into physical activity without warming up. If you’ve been gym-less, slowly build your fitness level back up to prevent strains and sprains.
  • Steer clear of large groups outside of your household and individuals who haven’t yet been vaccinated, unless you can stay at a safe distance.
  • Don’t forget to monitor pollen count in your area and guard against miserable flare-ups if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Above all, be proactive about taking care of your health. 

Spring is a great time to get an annual physical if you haven’t already had one.

A checkup can help you and your doctor gauge how you’re doing after months of pandemic stress. It’s a good time to talk about getting recommended screenings and catch up on missing or overdue immunizations.

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