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Infographic: 5 facts about vaccines

Aging Well | Safety | Wellness | October 8, 2019
Here's the truth about how immunizations protect you and your loved ones throughout your lives

Here are the facts to counter common myths about vaccine safety and effectiveness:

#1 Myth:  The effectiveness of vaccines has never been proven.
 Fact:  Widespread use of vaccines has nearly wiped out diseases like small pox, measles and polio since the mid-1900s.

#2 Myth:  Vaccinations cause the diseases they are meant to prevent.
Fact:  Vaccines contain dead or weakened viruses. Exposure to these help the body recognize and produce antibodies to protect again the disease.

#3 Myth:  I don't need to vaccinate if everyone else does.
Fact:  "Herd immunity" reduces the chance of outbreak when a large percentage of a community is immunized against a disease. If too many people don't vaccinate, it opens up opportunities for diseases to establish themselves and spread, especially to those who are medically vulnerable and cannot be vaccinated.

#4 Myth:  Vaccines cause health issues in children.
Fact:  There is no credible scientific study linking vaccination to autism--the condition that most inspires this myth.

#5 Myth:  Vaccines aren't worth the risk.
Fact:  Diseases prevented by vaccines can be serious -- even deadly.

Check with your doctor to make sure you and your family are fully protected.

5 facts vs myths about the safety of vaccines

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