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Healthy You

Welcome to Healthy You — a program with helpful resources and tools to support your wellness journey.

Change the label...change your life

November 2016

Do you smoke cigarettes?

Whatever you do, don't call yourself a "smoker." Smoking doesn't define who you are. It's a label and you're more than that.

If you're trying to quit, "wearing" the label of smoker can get in the way of how you see yourself. The way you think about yourself is part of changing triggers that make you fall back into the habit.

If the first step to quitting is making the decision to do it, picture yourself free of cigarettes. And give yourself a new label to fit your new choices.

Check out these smoking-cessation resources to help you change your life:

Who needs sleep?

Everyone at every age needs good rest. Here are some tips for getting it.

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Healthy Eating

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