The Spirit of Giving 

Kyle Corwin’s family has a long history with the Vancouver community dating back to the early 1940’s. That’s when Kyle’s parents moved here and acquired a Pepsi franchise, which has since become Corwin Beverage, still family-owned and operated four generations later.

When both Kyle and his mother-in-law were patients in the cancer care wing, known as 3 North, Kyle’s wife, Kathy, realized it was a gift to have them on the same floor at the same time, so she could better attend to their needs. Both have since passed away, but the experience of having her loved ones on 3 North left a lasting impression on Kathy.

Later, Kathy’s daughter, Kate Young, worked as a nurse on 3 North caring for vulnerable patients. Both have fond memories of time spent with caregivers at the nurses station.

A member of the PeaceHealth Southwest Foundation board since 2015, Kathy knew she had to be a part of the Giving Strength Cancer Campaign and made a gift to the nurses station in honor of Kyle. She remembers, “Kyle always loved his nurses and thought they were all angels.”

When the project is complete, all patients in 3 North will have private rooms–something Kyle did not have during his treatment. For Kathy, “The biggest thing is dignity. Knowing patients can have privacy and their nurses will be able to be with them in that setting is why I want 3 North to have private rooms.”


Kate Young and Kathy Corwin in 3 North, the inpatient cancer care wing 

"Kyle always loved his nurses and thought they were all angels" -- Kathy Corwin