The Beat Goes On - HeArts of Clark County

Contributing Artists

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Talented local artists have created 30 beautiful, 6-foot painted HeArts sponsored by generous individuals and businesses which will be displayed outdoors throughout our community from August 2 through September 16. Click here for a map of the HeArt locations.

Thank You Local Artists! We HeArt You!

These talented artists have generously donated their time to create our 30 beautiful heArts, and we are so appreciative.

Each artist has designed and created a HeArt to support this wonderful project. The HeArts are located in various locations for you to discover, and in doing so you will learn more about heart and vascular care thanks to the physician heart tips you’ll find on each one.

Al Pine: Since 1977, Al Pine's preferred medium has been industrial grade paints applied to metal and plastics. Viewers are invited to consider their reflection in "the Gift" and ponder the universal human desire for love and personal vitality.

Amelia Opie: I always try and make paintings with fantasy elements in them. Paintings are a great venue for all of the endless, absurd possibilities of the mind. I enjoy making silly, weird, and even cute paintings. I have loved painting and drawing animals since childhood; they play a big part in my paintings to this day. I was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, but I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I have a BFA from Tyler School of Art and an MFA from U.C. Davis. I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my family and extended family.
Anne John: I am a figurative painter and thus inspired by the human nature in life. I use animal images in psychic inference as they relate to the human footprint. I continue to explore mixed media materials as a means of expression.
Bev Jozwiak: Impressionistic painter of watercolor and acrylic paintings. American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society signature member, Bev has been the featured artist in national magazines, like International Artists Magazine, The Collector Magazine, The Artist, Watercolor Artist, and more. She’s been included in 8 "Best of" books, including 6 times in the well-known "Splash" series, and she recently signed a contract to write a book about her art, which should be out early 2014.
Brett Superstar: I'm an artist living in Portland, and have been painting for as long as I can remember. I was stoked to find out about the heart sculptures and painting them. I had no idea what kind of artists would be involved, and I was totally blown away when I saw some of the finished work. This project was so fun to be a part of and I can't wait to see the rest of the finished work.
Cam Suttles: I am a designer and marketing communications professional with a deep interest and background in the visual arts.
Christopher B. Mooney: I enjoy hiking around the bridges of Portland, Oregon, with my camera and stepping off the sidewalks to get a different perspective of the city where the landscape is framed by its bridges. The photos I use are references for me to create original oils. Through my work as a painter of Oregon’s transportation architecture, I have established a niche in the art community as an artist contributing to the visual documentation of urban landmarks.
Cynthia Heise: Cynthia Heise: A Vancouver painter originally from Minnesota whose art illustrates the fantastical life she lives in a parallel universe filled with drama and delight plus a bit of humor, all engineered to beguile the viewer. You can see more of her work at
Elida Field: "As an artist, I am most flattered when someone chooses to display a piece of my art in their personal space. Knowing people have invited me into their lives through my paintings is what I graciously live my life for."
Elizabeth Steinbaugh: Aurora Gallery owner for 9 years, painter and framer for 30 years. Elizabeth is one of the pioneers of the ever-evolving arts presence in downtown Vancouver.
Erin Dengerink: Erin works with themes of love and transformation in her artwork. She employs whimsy, nostalgia, wonder, and beauty as a means to transport the viewer to a more fanciful place. Her work is a balm for the ordinary; a means to invite imagination and play into the routine of life.
Janice Arnold and Helen Arnold: Janice Arnold is a visual artist with an international following. She has teamed up with her 96 year old mother Helen Arnold to design and create a sculpture which incorporates the cartographic art of her late father Philip W. Arnold and has a surprise textile component.
Jennifer Williams: Jennifer Williams is a mixed media artist whose heavily textured paintings contain layers of paint and paper, and layers of meaning. Inspired by the power of nature’s resilience, her environmental landscapes emanate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest while reminding us of our role in its preservation.
Judi L. Whiting: With art studies at OSU and in Europe, Judi Whiting’s paintings and Franklin Mint collector plates have sold throughout the USA and internationally. The Northwest has been her home for many years, and her love of its natural beauty has been the inspiration for many of her paintings. Judi shares her love of art with the more than five hundred students who attend Medallion Art School in Vancouver each week, which she founded and operates with her husband Bob.
kathi rick: "Hearts - they are made to be broken, they are a portal into the soul, and sometimes, sometimes, very rarely they can take wing." I approach every art project as if i am going into battle - it is never fun, I am never assured of a good outcome, but the fight - for good or ill always has some value. with thanks to Symon Drogin and Simon Roth of Marks Design and Metalworks, LLC for all his help, and a special SPECIAL thanks to Mike and Eric Hertz who yet again have saved me from disaster!
K. C. Madsen: I consider myself a painter but my intent is to liberate the painting from the tradition of the frame (and often the wall) and create three dimensional objects that still are primarily paintings.
Karen Kessler: I nearly always work figuratively, fascinated by the human form and also by the dance of all living creatures; the hop of a crow or the strut of a rooster. My goal is to take figures moving in three dimensions and capture them in two-dimensional moments of joy, playfulness and unposed life. I work as both a painter and a printmaker.
Leah Jackson: My professional life as a business owner is both gastronomic and artistic in nature. This unique combination has allowed me to create a focal point for my community. It has provided me an opportunity to appreciate the diversity that is Vancouver. This heart symbolizes the complexity and beauty of the people around me. Each petal represents to me these wonderful and diverse people and their unique personalities.
Lynsey Keating: Lynsey Keating lives in Seattle where she paints and teaches art to children.
Michael Smith: Michael Smith is a local Vancouver artist specializing in oil paintings, etchings and charcoal drawings.
Michelle Allen: I have never found anything completely flawless in this life and yet there is beauty everywhere I turn. I love the imperfect, slightly eccentric, witty quality of the world I see around me. It’s the unpredictability of even the most mundane things that I try to recreate in my art. Often, if something seems too perfect, I will skew it towards the unrealistic to capture the essence of a whim.
Sam G. R. Jones and Alan Klukis: Our art is a collaboration of vision and professional interests.
Sharri Bowens LaPierre: Lately, I have been obsessed with Celtic Mythology and symbolism, in particular the meanings of various birds. Therefore, you will find many women (goddesses) dancing and performing other rituals, generally with birds who were perceived to be portals from this life to the hereafter. They brought wisdom and understanding, which is not a bad wish for the peoples of the earth today.
Susan Jordan Harlan: Professor of Art, Portland State University: She has exhibited her work at Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, and Troyer Fitzpatrick Gallery, Washington, DC. Her work is included in the collections of The Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Victoria Albert Museum, London, England, The National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington, DC, among others. Awards and grants include Who's Who in America Global Art, Artist’s Residency, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Fresco Painting and Drawing, Rome, Italy.
Vicki Wilson and John Larsen: We wanted to create a sculptural solution for this project, one that would retain the original heart shape but give it a new association. The artichoke seemed like a natural image because of the shape and the description of the interior of an artichoke as the “heart”. We also thought that turning a heart into a vegetable had certain health related connotations that would be appropriate to promote in this project. We used fiberglass and foam as our sculpting materials and, because we didn’t want the piece to look like a decorative prop for a produce market, we worked organically, expressively and painterly with the materials allowing the choke to have some attitude.
William Park: This piece, "Yes, This is the Title" is part of a body of work that explores connection. I use my visceral and amorous connection with paint and all its lusciousness to help in this process.