The Beat Goes On - HeArts of Clark County


The HeArts

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​Michelle Allen
Show Love
Janice Arnold
Heart. Felt. Wisdom
​Erin Dengerink
Water, soil, light
​Elida Field
Home is Where the Heart Is
Susan Jordan Harlan
Just Hope
Cynthia Heise
Ladies at Work
​Cynthia Heise
Washington Implant
​Leah Jackson
A Chuisle
​Anne John
Animal Nature
Anne John
Ocean Blue
​Anne John
Rites of Spring
Sam G.R. Jones &
Alan Klukis
The Beat Grows On
Bev Jozwiak
A Checkered Past
Lynsey Keating
​Karen Kessler
Heart Openers
Sharri Bowens LaPierre
John Larsen &
Vicki Wilson
KC Madsen
​Christopher Mooney
St. Johns Bridge
Amelia Opie
​William Park
A Title Would Be Too Much
​Al Pine
The Gift
k rick
Armoured Heart
Michael Smith
​Elizabeth Steinbaugh
Crack the Sky
​Brett Superstar
Blue Rabbit
Cam Suttles
After My Own Heart
​Jennifer Williams
Heart of the Salmon
​Judi Whiting​
Where Life and Beauty Flow