The ‘heart’ of the matter – one man’s story

The beat goes on for John Heinemann, a 74-year-old attorney and law firm owner, thanks to the diagnostic imaging services at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Cardiovascular Center.

Nearly a decade ago, John got dizzy while golfing on a hot day in April. The diagnosis was overheating. A month later, John was in Australia and experienced another bout of dizziness. Again, it was attributed to overheating.

That October, John experienced chest pain and went to the emergency room at PeaceHealth St. Joseph. He was admitted for treadmill testing, which included a nuclear stress test. No problems showed up on the tests.

Cardiologist Robert Phillips, MD, ordered a coronary artery catherization, revealing a 90 percent blockage in John’s right artery that necessitated the insertion of a stent to help keep the blood flowing from John’s heart.

Then, in 2015, John began to feel that something wasn’t right again. He visited Dr. Phillips, who ordered another coronary artery catherization. John had developed a blockage in the exact same place; another stent was put in.

Today, thanks to the quality care and cardiac imaging services at PeaceHealth St. Joseph, John is still active and in the swing. He golfs, does yard work, lifts weights and works out with a personal trainer twice a week.

More than a place, more than a process, the patient experience is about connecting people like Whatcom County resident John Heinemann to the cardiac care they need.

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