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Healing Through Art

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Art improves outcomes. Thirty years of scientific research supports what human beings have always known: art heals the soul — and the body.

The value of high-quality, nature-based art in healing settings is well documented and evidence-based. Exposure to art lowers stress for patients and staff. Patients who view nurturing images outside their windows or on their patient room walls require less pain medication, have shorter hospital stays and are less likely to return to the hospital after discharge.

Building On Success With A Permanent Art Collection

Our next step is to broaden the successful Healing Through Art program by acquiring and installing permanent art pieces throughout the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center campus.

Our professional curator, with input from our Arts Committee, will identify, acquire and install art carefully chosen for prominent, high-traffic locations, taking into account the specific needs of patients, loved ones and caregivers who will experience the art.

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