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Child Birth Center

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Every year, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s Childbirth Center delivers over 2,000 babies and special moments. Each unique. All extraordinary.

Our goal is to make sure the childbirth experience is an exciting and joyous occasion. Safe and healthy outcomes are top priority. We are prepared for every scenario such as the Kennedys’ — standing by with total medical support in case of unexpected difficulties that may arise during delivery.

Childbirth is one of the most precious times in the lives of families. For many, this is their first time receiving care in a hospital. Their experience here will leave a long impression and a lasting impact on future choices. We are committed to providing our expectant families with the highest level of care and services.

The childbirth center has a 24/7 dedicated team that includes registered nurses, obstetric surgical technicians, support staff, anesthesiologists, and obstetric and pediatric hospitalists serving patients alongside their obstetricians or certified nurse midwives.

These experienced and caring professionals are partners in our patients’ birth experience — assisting, educating, encouraging and supporting families throughout the entire process. They strive to make the miracle of birth a family-centered event, giving patient families the space and time needed for closeness and bonding during their stay.

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