Supporting Research at Sacred Heart Medical Center

Tomorrow’s breakthroughs are the result of the research we accomplish today. And Sacred Heart Medical Center is committed to constantly moving forward. Please consider helping with a gift to support our Center for Collaborative Research.

Center for Clinical Translational Research

The Center for Clinical Translational Research is a combined effort on the part of PeaceHealth Oregon Region and the University of Oregon (UO), committed to advancing knowledge and supporting research opportunities. By helping academic investigators, medical professionals and students work together, the center will:

  • Improve the health and well-being of people in our community, region and nation
  • Accelerate the translation of health-related research into practice
  • Form academic, clinical and community partnerships that help support research
  • Facilitate educational opportunities
  • Increase research funding
  • Build research capacity and increase knowledge across and within disciplines
  • Assist Sacred Heart’s institutes in developing research agendas that engage UO faculty researchers

With your support, we can continue to move forward, developing the new treatments that will improve and save lives.