Corporate and Foundation Gifts

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center has a long history of partnering with corporations and foundations to achieve mutual goals. Corporate donors and sponsors have a vested interest in supporting the anchor healthcare resource in the communities in which their employees and customers live, work and play. Family foundations partner with PeaceHealth to realize their individual missions of impacting the health of Lane County residents.
While corporations and foundations often make outright gifts, below are some additional ways to support PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center:


At PeaceHealth , there are a variety of high visibility sponsorship and partnership opportunities through events, conferences, joint-marketing, clinical trials, and research. Corporations, organizations, foundations and individuals are invited to explore these opportunities to see how a partnership with Hoag can meet organizational goals and objectives.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • High visibility to a targeted audience
  • Access to high-level staff and volunteer leadership
  • Client entertainment at unique events and venues
  • Association with Sacred Heart Medical Center - a valuable community healthcare asset
  • An opportunity for a tangible and lasting influence on the health of our community otherwise not attainable through advertising alone.
  • And much more...

Key Events - sponsorships are available for these annual events. 

  • Dance Marathon
  • Radiothon
  • Kids Helping Kids High School Pageants
  • Golf Classic
  • Lunch at Tiffany’s Auction

Grant-Making Organizations

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation welcomes opportunities to partner with grant-making organizations whose missions align with those of Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart assists the grant maker in leveraging the impact of their investment in the community's health, and the grant-making organization helps the Sacred Heart Medical Center stay on the leading edge of medical science and technology for the well-being of the community. These are truly win-win relationships. 

Grants from foundations and corporations-large and small-are sprinkled throughout our history, each supporting the introduction or enhancement of facilities, technologies and programs that benefit countless patients receiving care at Sacred Heart. 

Corporate Matching Gifts 

Many companies will match the gifts of their employees and retirees to encourage philanthropic support. The PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation is an eligible non-profit organization that meets the guidelines of most matching gift programs. Please check with your company to see if they will match your charitable gift to Sacred Heart.

For more information, contact PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation at (541) 222-7100.