Charitable Remainder Trust

Increased Income, Reduced Taxes, Legacy for the Future...

The Charitable Remainder Trust is one of the most efficient estate planning tools available to anyone holding assets that have experienced significant appreciation—such as stocks, real estate or a business. These trusts are extremely flexible and can be structured to meet almost any personal and philanthropic goal.

A Charitable Remainder Trust allows a donor to transfer assets into a trust. The trust then pays income to the donor or other beneficiaries the donor designates. The income may be paid for life or a specified time. The charity receives the remainder of the trust. Most importantly, the charity gets the amount the government would have received on income and capital gains taxes, as well as estate taxes.

Charitable Remainder Trusts may be established during a donor’s lifetime or at death. The donor usually names a bank or trust company to serve as the trustee. The charity may also serve as the trustee.

Types of Charitable Remainder Trusts

Annuity Trust — the donor receives an annual fixed income amount for a specified period of time. Additional contributions by the donor cannot be made to the trust.

Unitrust — the donor receives a fixed percentage of the trust’s assessed fair market value annually. The donor can make additional contributions to the trust and the annual payments to the donor can vary.

A Legacy for the Future

By participating in the Charitable Remainder Trust offered by the Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation, you not only receive personal financial benefits, but you are also making an important investment in the hospital. This investment helps us continue to provide and improve upon the excellent medical services we offer to our community and region—now and into the future.

As with all estate planning and contributor opportunities, it is recommended that you review this with your financial advisors. 

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