Charitable Life Income Fund

Lifetime income, reduced taxes, a legacy for the future

The PeaceHealth Charitable Life Income Fund is one of many strategies that take advantage of tax laws developed to encourage and reward the spirit of philanthropy. Operating like a charitable mutual fund, a Charitable Life Income Fund is comprised of contributions that are pooled and invested together into income-producing real estate.

Income from the fund is distributed in quarterly payments for life to the participants according to their share of the fund. Upon their death, the remaining value of the participant’s fund share will be transferred to PeaceHealth.

Who can participate?

  • Individuals and couples 60 or older
  • Minimum gift of $10,000
  • Gifts may be cash, publically traded stock or marketable real estate 

Major benefits

  • Receive lifetime income based upon the fair market value of your gift
  • Avoid capital gains taxes related to the sale of highly appreciated assets
  • Receive a substantial charitable income tax deduction, which may reduce taxable income for the year in which the gift is made—with potential carry forward
  • Pass a portion of the depreciation on the real property owned by the fund to the donors, which may partially shelter income

A legacy for the future

By participating in the fund you not only receive personal financial benefits, you are also making an important investment in Sacred Heart Medical Center. This investment provides capital funds to the hospital, which allows us to provide and improve upon the excellent medical services we offer to our community and region—now and in the future.

Types of contributions

Contributions may be made in the form of cash, real estate and marketable securities, except tax-exempt bonds. Proposed contributions of real estate property and stock in closely held companies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

As with all estate planning and contributor opportunities, it is recommended that you review this with your financial advisors. A copy of the offering summary is available to all contributors.

For more information

Contact the foundation to find out how the Charitable Life Income Fund will help you increase your income and create tax savings while supporting health care.
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All inquiries are completely confidential.