​Cusak Fund supports Care at Home


No place like home for the holidays

Almost everyone who has been sick while travelling knows the feeling of wanting to home in bed. Similarly, staying in the hospital when you’re ready to go home can dampen anyone’s mood—especially during the holidays.

Despite receiving excellent care at Sacred Heart Medical Center, patients want and need to be with their loved ones in a homey setting. It simply helps recovery. But when unusual circumstances prevent that from occurring, resources from the Cusack Fund have been available. Now, we need your help.

Smart solutions and creative contributions

Named after Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack), the Cusack Fund has provided resources and support so patients can return home and continue to recover in familiar surroundings. Consider the mom who received a car seat for her newborn baby so that they could leave the hospital. Or the heart patient who was able to return home because the Cusack Fund paid the monthly rental fee of $2000 for a LifeVest that monitored his heart rhythms and provided a life-saving shock when needed.

Sometimes patients are ready for discharge, but they can’t manage the long drive back home to outlying rural areas, so hotel accommodations have been paid by the Cusack Fund. Often, medications have been given through the Fund so that patients can return to their families.

Ready or not

Nearly every week, we have patients who could leave the hospital, if they had the resources to meet certain needs. They’re ready, but their finances aren’t. This December, make a difference in the lives of patients, and support us in reaching our annual goal of $175,000 for the Cusack Fund. Help us send kids and families home—especially for the holidays!

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