Patient Stories

Dear Guardian Angel Program,

In October 2011, I was admitted to Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute pending surgery. During this time, I spent two days attended to by Katy LaPlante and Tami Fanning. They were very compassionate, helpful and enjoyable. The other nurses were absolutely great, but Katy and Tami were my day shift, so I interacted with them the most. After surgery, while in the ICU, I had excellent care by Mark Peterson, Matt Calzia, Ben Burlison and Brent Richardson. I don’t know how big of a pain I was for them, but I felt well cared for and knew they had my best interest at heart.

Two days later, I was moved out of intensive care and onto the forth floor of OHVI. Again, the nursing staff was fabulous.

I really appreciate the experience Karen Albright brought to my room. I was my own worst enemy and she managed to bring me back into perspective. Thank you so much—you changed my life!

David Clem brought an energy I appreciated—he was most helpful and always asked if I needed something more than what I had called him for. I guess you could say he was pro-active!

Torina Hill, Tami, Carolyn Inglis, and Teresa McConnell were my other day shift nurses. They were all terrific. I always felt well cared for and informed. You tend to lose track of time while in the hospital, so it was nice to be told of pending change.

I know there are people I am forgetting which, believe me, is not intentional. I can’t think of anyone that I came in contact with that I wished I hadn’t. I cannot reiterate how much I appreciated the care I received.

Again, thank you to everyone!


Marsha Morrill

Dear Guardian Angel Program,

On Oct. 31, I received quadruple bi-pass open heart surgery. I have to commend all of your staff for the excellent care that I received before, during and after my stay. I especially want to recognize my nurses for the outstanding care that they gave to me. These ladies went far beyond their normal duties to provide me with care that made me feel like I was king of the hospital. They encouraged me and provided a positive attitude that greatly helped me in my healing process. Even today, I still think of these wonderful nurses and credit them with how successful my recovery process is going. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before. You are lucky to have such wonderful ladies represent your staff at RiverBend. Please extend a special thank you from me to them.

Frank Kinney

Dear Dr. Koh and the surgery team,

Thank you so much for everything you did for me during and after my bypass surgery. You cannot begin to know how much I appreciate your kindness and skill. My life was truly in your hands and I cannot imagine anyone I would trust more. The thorough explanations and direct answers to my questions helped me be comfortable with the whole processgoing into it and coming out. 

My recovery is proceeding very well. I can feel my strength coming back and I am following all the instructions. I'm not trying to push too fast but, just over a week out from the surgery, I am walking frequently, going up and down stairs and doing the breathing exercises. My appetite is very good and I'm very happy to be alive and feeling good. Thank you again for really making a difference in my life.

-David, Oregon Heart & Vascular  patient

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