Volunteers needed to take over the airwaves

There won’t be anything militant about taking over the airwaves at KOOL 99.1 and KPNW 1120 on March 7 and 8. But there will be a lot of hope and generosity.
Caregivers and families who have miracle stories to tell will fill the airways with inspiring anecdotes. Perhaps even more compelling will be the stories from parents who struggle to cope with their child’s serious health issues. In response, hundreds of generous donors are expected to make telephone pledges to help babies and children who are treated at Sacred Heart Medical Center.
Radiothon is a national Children’s Miracle Network fund-raiser that is held at the local level and benefits neo-natal and pediatric patients.
For anyone who has ever complained about news broadcasts, this is your chance to volunteer and make a difference in local programming for a just few hours during this event. As listeners call in with their pledges, you can help by staffing the phone bank. Your voice may be the first one that they hear, and your passion about the care at Sacred Heart Medical Center may deeply influence them.
"If you've been meaning to volunteer and just haven't had the chance yet, I highly encourage you to make this your event," says Alexa Sharps, CMN Director. "It is really a great opportunity to work with the cause and get to see and hear firsthand accounts of what Children's Miracle Network money goes toward doing for these families."
Call 541-686-6456 to sign up.