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As you may be aware, many local businesses are facing staffing challenges – and local pharmacies are no exception. These developments are seriously impacting patients’ access to needed medications. Many community members are experiencing wait times for prescriptions of at least a week or more.

Florence Pharmacy Issues FAQ

I am a PeaceHealth patient and I need a refill, what should I do?

Call PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center at 541-997-7134 two weeks ahead of time to get a refill. Please call earlier than you normally would because the demand at local pharmacies has increased the time needed to fill prescriptions. The additional time also makes mail order pharmacies an option. When exploring a mail order option, please call your insurance provider first to determine which services are covered. Driving to another city could be an option if the need is urgent.

Can I get my prescriptions refilled or transferred during a doctor visit?

Yes, this is the best approach. Speak to your doctor during your appointment about any prescription refills or new requests - don’t wait to call later. Tell your doctor which new pharmacy you would like to use.

I was a Bi-Mart pharmacy customer, where are my prescriptions now?

Bi-Mart pharmacy closed on Nov. 4 and transferred their customers to the Safeway pharmacy.

What is the status of the Rite-Aid pharmacy?

The Florence Rite-Aid pharmacy is reportedly struggling with staffing issues, and pharmacist hours are sporadic. If you have a prescription at Rite-Aid that has been processed by your insurance provider and you have been unable to pick it up, please call the insurance company to have a reverse claim issued. Your next step would be working with your doctor to have a new prescription sent to an alternate pharmacy. It’s important to note that your doctor will be unable to issue a new prescription without the reverse claim if Rite-Aid has billed your insurance provider.

Normally I called the pharmacy directly, can I still do that?

Pharmacies are not answering the phone on a regular basis due to the dramatic increase in volume of prescriptions needing to be filled. Call PeaceHealth Peace Harbor at 541-997-7134 with any questions before you visit a pharmacy as lines could be long.

I tried to get a prescription transfer at a pharmacy and was denied, what should I do now?  

Overloaded pharmacies in the area are not currently transferring prescriptions, but your doctor can file a new one for you. You can request a prescription to be sent to a new pharmacy via MyPeaceHealth, during a doctor visit or by calling 541-997-7134. In MyPeaceHealth, log in to your account and click messages near the top of the screen. Then click medical question and the prescription question option. You can then send your doctor a message to issue a new prescription or refill a prescription. If you don’t have a MyPeaceHealth account yet, you can register for one here -

I heard local pharmacies are not accepting new patients, is that true?

All Florence pharmacies are still accepting new patients and new prescriptions, but the response times are delayed. Please give yourself two weeks to get new prescriptions filled.  

What if I have to pay for a prescription out of pocket because insurance hasn’t approved a transfer?

Please try to refill your prescriptions at least two weeks in advance to give insurance time to process. Also, PeaceHarbor works with the Safeway Pharmacy, Florence Pharmacy and the Fred Meyer Pharmacy as part of the 340B Discount Medication program. For more information, call 541‐902‐6783. 

I have more questions, can I talk to someone at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor?

Please call 541-997-7134 and leave a message for the prescription assistance team. Please be prepared to wait on hold due to the increase in phone calls. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As always, our No. 1 priority is the safety and well-being of our patients. As valued patients and community members, PeaceHealth is here to guide you through these challenges to ensure you have access to much-needed medications.

Current Programs

Circle of Giving


Since opening our doors in 1989, PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center has provided a level of patient care in advanced imaging and technology that surpasses most other rural facilities. Having the best health care possible locally is important for our patients now and for those who will need us in the future.  
Being a faith-based, not-for-profit, critical-access, rural health care system presents even more challenges than reciting this lengthy description. The key to our success in providing high quality health care is our strong culture of philanthropy. Our Foundation is committed to helping blessed people do beautiful things for the health and well-being of the Florence community.

We invite you to join our Circle of Giving by giving an annual gift of $1,000 or more and become part of our mission of exceptional medicine and compassionate care.

Special Recognition for Generous Donors

Scrub Club

SUPPORTING our Mission includes caring for patients who are unable to pay for the medical services they need with financial assistance through our Bridge Assistance Program. This level of compassion began in 1894 when two young nuns of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace stepped off the train in Fairhaven, Washington. Soon after, they opened a new hospital amongst the logging camps and fishing villages.

This spirit of compassion lives on today as we continue to care for those experiencing social and economic challenges. Providing necessary medical services regardless of ability to pay, speaks volumes about the integrity and value of our Mission. It is a strong statement of social justice, and respect for the dignity and worth of those we serve.
Members of the Scrub Club reflect this commitment to our Mission by having made a cumulative donation of $10,000.

White Coat Society

PROVIDING programs and services needed by our patients and families is a crucial part of community health care. Our Diabetic Care Program, ranked as one of the best in the state of Oregon, helps people to manage necessary lifestyle changes and prevent serious outcomes. Our OB (Obstetrics) team provides birthing classes and makes home visits to assist new parents with the changes a new baby brings. Our Counseling Services offer outstanding care and treatment for patients suffering from mental illness and behavioral issues by assisting with medication administration, social skills and community interactions. Our Hospice team holds a special place in the heart of our community by helping patients, families and friends through the final days of life. 

Members of the White Coat Society reflect this level of service to our community by having made a cumulative donation of $50,000.

High-Tech Alliance 

DISCOVERING new advancements in technology and treatment is the ultimate goal in improving both the quality and quantity of the lives of our patients. Having the ability to locate abnormalities in the earliest stages and providing treatment using minimally invasive procedures drastically changes the outcomes of diseases.

Health care has changed dramatically over the past 25 years with the development of CAT scanners, MRI, advanced ultrasound, laparoscopy, endoscopy and joint replacements. In fact, a common term like "exploratory surgery" has all but disappeared from our vocabulary, highlighting the luxury of complex technologies we have come to view as routine. 

Members of the High-Tech Alliance reflect this vision of futuristic health care by having made a cumulative donation of $100,000.

Black Bag Fellowship

HEALING is the true art of health care. Holding a trembling hand, building relationships with those in our care, offering the medicine of listening or the hope of a smile, fixing what can be fixed and having the courage to make it better...even when it isn’t fixable.

It is giving oneself to the aid and assistance of another in need. It is understanding that "caregiving" is made of two verbs that must be applied simultaneously. It is realizing that the only difference between our patients and us is one lab test, five imaging tests or a mere forty years. It is a privilege to care for our patients, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, supporting them in tough times, celebrating in the good times and healing in the meantime.

Members of the Black Bag Fellowship reflect this sacred place of healing by having made a cumulative donation of $250,000.

Recognizing All Donors

The PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center Foundation also accepts and processes memorial gifts.

PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center is an active member of "Leave A Legacy" and promotes other forms of deferred giving.

For more information, contact Foundation employee - Heather Quaas-Annsa at 541-902-6589 or



The mission of the PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization, is to improve the health and lives of community members by providing charitable support to the PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center.