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Tribute Gifts

Want to make a gift to honor someone important to you, in remembrance of a loved one who has died, a life event like a marriage or birth or just because? Consider a commemorating donation to the PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center Foundation.

You can be assured your gift will be used to benefit community health care at PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center. Each year the Foundation Board of Directors addresses the need for technology or replacement equipment and uses its Campaign For Excellence to fund the project. 

You can choose to support this year's campaign to purchase much needed equipment or give to the area of greatest need. You might also select our Endowment Fund. We are more than half way to our goal of one million dollars. Eventually, the interest from the endowment will expand our ability to better serve our community well into the future.

If you decide to honor someone, a card recognizing your special gift is sent in honor of the gift. Simply request a card announcing the gift be sent when making your donation, and we will be happy to do so.

Two ways to donate:


PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center Foundation
3100 Tongass Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska  99901
907-228-8300 x7037

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.