Donor Impact

Charitable gifts of all sizes have helped to build or expand buildings, purchase new equipment and provide essential social services such as grief support groups for children or financial assistance for individuals or families in crisis.

Here are a few of the past campaigns and the difference that philanthropy has made in our community:

Campaign for Excellence, Equipment and Technology

Infusion Therapy Suite (2012)
Resources were raised for the renovation of existing hospital space for a fully-equipped Infusion Therapy Suite that allows for enhanced patient comfort and privacy.
San-i-Pak: Regulated Medical Waste Equipment (2012)
The San-i-Pak replaces the non-functionial disposal equipment, allowing PeaceHealth to render all medical waste sterile for disposal locally rather than requiring expensive and dangerous shipments of medical wastes to facilities down south. Gifts from donors and employees, as well as grants from the Borough's Passenger Vessel Fund and PeaceHealth sister-facility in Bellingham, made the purchase of this equipment feasible in a very short time frame.
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Equipment (2011)
The new stereotactic breast biopsy equipment allows radiologist to have pin-point accuracy when obtaining biopsy samples thus reducing the number of samples needed from a patient. 

Gift of Healing 2010 $185,000

Minimally Invasive Surgical Suite
The new surgical equipment and a new operating table are designed for a wide range of procedures. Minimally invasive surgery is performed through small incisions through which a tiny camera and other instruments are inserted. A camera projects images on a screen to guide the surgeon. At the end, the incisions are sutured and bandaged.

Gift of Healing 2009 $150,000

Oxygen Generating Equipment
KMC uses a minimum of 2,000 pounds of oxygen a week to meet our patients' needs. Previously all our oxygen was shipped by barge. By generating our own, we can now better meet our patients' needs in a timely, cost effective manner. We reduced our oxygen costs by 80 percent which means the system will pay for itself in five to seven years. In the event of a disaster, we can also help provide for our community's needs without relying on outside sources.

Gift of Healing 2008 $175,000

Endoscope $130,000 
The endoscope, a flexible tube containing fiber optic cables attached to a light and camera, is used in minimally invasive gastrointestinal studies: one of the most commonly known is the colonoscopy. It can help identify hiatal hernias, gastritis, and gastrointestinal bleeding. It can take biopsies of abnormalities, such as polyps, to aid the diagnosis of cancer at an early stage when survival rates are high.

Physical Therapy Equipment $45,000
The Foundation raised money to provide state of the art equipment for the Rehabilitation Department Outpatient Clinic: a low impact treadmill, four Cybex exercise machines, a traction table, stationary bicycle and a balance trainer biofeedback system.

Gift of Healing 2007 $120,000

Infant Resuscitator/Warmer Units
"About 10 percent of all babies need some resuscitation and the right equipment makes all the difference in that baby's life"  ~Dr. Norm Herron, Pediatrician.

Through the Foundation, KMC replaced outdated equipment with new units that have built-in Phototherapy lights and other advances that allow for safer resuscitation techniques.

Mobile Mini C-Arm
A Digital Mobile Mini C-Arm was also acquired. Often used in sports medicine, industrial accidents and surgeries, this smaller unit can be moved to a patient's bedside to save time during diagnosis. It provides live, real-time moving images, which helps the surgeons "see" into the body.

Women's Diagnostic Imaging Suite $250,000

The Foundation's first project was to raise $250,000 toward the needed $450,000 for a one-stop, single appointment, result oriented department which allows comfort and privacy for women who come for breast cancer screening. State of the art equipment was installed for mammography, Computer Aided Detection (CAD), Bone Densitometry, ultrasound, and stereotactic breast biopsy. The new technology makes diagnoses faster and easier and reduces the need for additional appointments.

Men and children benefit too. The new ultrasound machine aids diagnostic procedures for cardiac, abdominal, and vascular procedures.


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