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What We are Doing Today

  • We continue to assist the City of Ketchikan in an effort to raise awareness and resources for a much needed Phase II alteration to our aging facilities through the "Your Health-Your Future" project.

  • We are working to raise funds which will enable PeaceHealth Ketchikan to utilize the latest technology by investing in needed equipment resulting in improved delivery of care and improved medical outcomes for our patients.

  • We are building the Endowment Fund toward our $1 million goal which will create annual interest proceeds of $50-$70,000 a year that can be used for new and replacement equipment, capital improvements and service delivery. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

What We Have Done Since 2004

  • Established the Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation as a 501( c)(3) organization with volunteer Board of Directors and staff.   
  • Raised $250,000 in our first fund-raising campaign for the Women’s Diagnostic Imaging Suite – a $450,000 project involving renovation of existing area and purchase of replacement ultrasound, bone density machines and new computer aided detection equipment used in conjunction with mammography.
  • Launched our second fund-raising effort, the Gift of Healing 2007 Campaign, reaching our goal of $120,000 to purchase three infant resuscitator/warmer units and a mobile Mini C-Arm machine to be used extensively in the Emergency and Surgery departments.
  • Successfully completed the Gift of Healing 2008 Campaign that raised $175,000 for an endoscope for use in minimally invasive gastrointestinal studies and for Physical Therapy equipment.
  • Met our goal of $150,000 toward an Oxygen Generating System through our Gift of Healing 2009 Campaign
  • Completed our 2010 Gift of Healing Campaign and purchased new equipment for our Surgical Suite including a new operating table for a Minimally Invasive Surgical Suite designed for a wide range of procedures.
  • Provided Stereotactic Breast Biopsy equipment through the 2011 Campaign for Excellence, Equipment and Technology.
  • The 2012 Campaign for Excellence, Equipment and Technology resources were raised the resources necessary to renovate space in the hospital for a well-equipped Infusion Therapy Suite.
  • Assisted in retaining over $530,000 in grant funding for several capital projects including the renovation and expansion of the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department and acquisition of a modular building for our new Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic.
  • Assisted in retaining a a three-year $3.1 million Health Care Innovation Challenge Grant from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to assist in advancing our patient care coordination to improve health maintenance and chronic disease outcomes for our patients in southern Southeast Alaska.


PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center Foundation
3100 Tongass Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska  99901
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Matt Eisenhower
Executive Director Foundation and Community Health Development
Phone: (907) 228-8300 Ext. 7533
Bett Union-Jakubek
Foundation Relations Specialist
Phone: (907) 228-8300 Ext. 7383
Fax: (907) 228-8530
Karen Wolfred
Grant and Special Projects
Phone: (310) 702-6994
Fax: (907) 228-8511

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.