Your Generous giving in 2012 inspired all of us. Thanks to you the San-i-pak is now in place. In 2013, we ask you to join with us again to raise much-needed resources for PANDA WARMERS for our New Beginnings Birth Center.
The Panda Warmer:
  • Keeps healthy babies healthy by keeping them warm, preventing “cold stress.”
  • Incorporates phototherapy, warming, oxygen, scale, and a Neo-Puff ventilator/respirator into one unit.
  • Improves team’s ability to work together by allowing them to easily see both the baby and the built-in display monitors.
  • Allows room for 6-7 caregivers during emergencies.
  • Replaces KMC’s current equipment; new parts are no longer available.
  • Is a fully height-adjustable unit that directs all its heat to the infant, making it more comfortable for caregivers.
  • Is critical for every single baby, high-risk or not.
  Why give?
We need your help to provide this multiple-support system for our newborns. PeaceHealth Medical Center Foundation funds basic needs including the Equipment, Technology and Health initiatives—building blocks for the health of our families, friends and neighbors. The Foundation works hard to make sure we have the best technology and equipment right here in our community.
How to give
Every dollar makes a difference. Please consider making a donation by check, payroll deduction, credit card or PTO donation to the hospital of your choice. Our 2013 Employee Giving Campaign kick off is on Monday, October 29 and will run through the month of November.
Thank you for all you do for our patients and our communities!

Donation Forms

Jeans Day Donation Forms

Patrick J. Branco, CEO

PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center employees are united by our dedication for helping others. Together, we show compassion for our patients and treat them with respect. Together, we strive for excellence. Together, we embrace our community and steward our resources with care. I am asking you to be a part of something SPECIAL. Please join me in the annual PHKMC Foundation Employee Giving Campaign.
This year’s campaign focus, Panda Warmers, integrate five support systems into one neo-natal warmer that will give all our babies the special care they deserve. Miracles do happen. Five years ago, our grandson, Marshall, was born at KGH.  He had a pretty rough beginning including over a month in our ICU. If it wasn’t for the special tender care provided by our nurses and doctors using the most modern equipment, I am certain we would have lost this precious (and now naughty) little boy. Basic baby warmers made a huge difference to Marshall, just imagine what Panda Warmers will offer other babies. Don’t let the name fool you about these very sophisticated pieces of medical equipment in the hands of clinical professionals!
Giving to the Foundation is easy either through payroll deduction or online. You can be proud that 100% of your gift stays right here. 100% of each contribution makes a difference.
Please help us wrap all our babies in the protective warmth of “Panda Warmers”.  We thank you for making the San-i-Pak in 2011 a reality and we look forward to another exciting year ahead. I hope you will join me in supporting the Employee Giving Campaign. TOGETHER WE CAN achieve great things.
Thank you
Patrick Branco 
CEO and Chief Mission Officer