Cottage Grove Community Medical Center

About Us

The Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation was established in 1976 with a mission to encourage charitable support for local hospital and medical clinic services for South Lane and North Douglas County area residents.

The Foundation is overseen by a local volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to ensuring that your donation goes toward its designated purpose.

Over the years, generous donations to the Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation have provided a variety of equipment and programs to benefit patients and improve the health and welfare of local residents, including:

  • Automated ventilation system equipment for patients in need of breathing assistance
  • On-going quality training for hospital staff
  • Comfort and safety equipment for radiology patients
  • Community outreach and education programs such as the Trauma Nurses Talk Tough clinic for young drivers, and a sexually transmitted disease prevention project
  • Wheelchairs

Your gift can help expand vital medical services in our community. Consider designating your donation to:

Outstanding Patient Care

Donations to Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation provide new or ongoing support for outstanding patient care. Various opportunities include:

  • The Dignity Fund helps low-income patients discharged from the hospital avoid re-admittance with assistance for critical basic needs such as medications, food, shelter, clothing, and transportation.
  • Caregiver Education Fund helps provide financial assistance to Cottage Grove caregivers who are hoping to advance their healthcare education and training.   
  • Next Generation Mammography Fund  - The hospital's current digital mammography machine will be outdated in 2017 when replacement parts are no longer available. Without community assistance, our rural community could be left without needed, local cancer screening services. Your gift to this fund will bring 3D mammography technology to Cottage Grove and help save lives.
  • Unrestricted Funds are allocated by the Foundation Board of Directors to support the greatest areas of need in hospital patient care.

Community Health

Donations to the Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation help ensure resources and leadership to promote collaborative community health improvement projects.

The Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation in 2004 created the Covered Bridge Society to encourage charitable giving and recognize the generosity of donors. In addition, PeaceHealth has created a number of options and benefits for planned gifts.

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