When you give to the Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation, your gift is directed to the program you specify. The following list is a sampling of these programs, with some health care areas having several funds for specific purposes.

General Purpose

Foundation General Endowment - Donations to endowment funds help guarantee medical excellence today and for future generations. Endowment funds are never spent. The funds are invested and the interest earned is used to provide ongoing health care support to area patients. Endowments can be created for a variety of purposes including covering costs of on-going indigent care, medical scholarships, small equipment needs or staff education.

Equipment and Capital Funding - Donations in this area helps provide for ongoing equipment and capital needs vital to providing the best care possible at the Cottage Grove Community Hospital. With medical costs rising at a rapid rate and new cutting edge technology becoming more and more expensive, hospital revenue alone cannot provide the newest and most advanced medical equipment available. Through philanthropy, the Cottage Grove Community Hospital can remain a leader in top technology and life saving medical equipment. Examples of equipment purchased through philanthropy include a digital mammography imaging system, a bladder-scanner ultrasound device, automated ventilation systems for the Emergency Department and an optical tonometer for measuring eye pressure.

Medical programs - Donations to medical programs helps our hospital provide new or ongoing support programs necessary for outstanding patient care. Examples include: the Dignity Fund, which helps low-income patients leaving the hospital avoid life-threatening situations and re-admittance as well as provides for some of life’s basic most universal needs. Medical social workers provide vouchers and other assistance for critical needs including medications, food, shelter, clothing and transportation. The Joseph and Doris Abbott Memorial Scholarship which provides higher education scholarship opportunities for young adults in South Lane and North Douglas counties attending college to study in the field of medicine or health care. The physician therapy fellowship scholarship program which helps provide on-going scholarship support to physical therapy staff members interested in obtaining PT fellowship status.

Administrative unrestricted - Donations to the unrestricted fund are available to be allocated by the CGCH Foundation Board of Directors to assist in supporting the greatest areas of need in hospital patient care.

Community Health - Philanthropic support helps provide the resources necessary to promote collaborative health improvement projects within the community. Examples may include funds to help support medical transportation through South Lane Wheels, or funds to help provide ongoing education for nursing staff at all health provider facilities in the greater Cottage Grove area. 

Covered Bridge Society (CBS) - CBS encourages charitable giving and recognizes the generosity of donors through special events and courtesies at the hospital.

Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization that assists community members in supporting clinical and healthcare services associated with Cottage Grove Community Hospital.