Current Needs

3D Mammography – This life saving service is provided to the patients of Cottage Grove and surrounding communities. Without foundation assistance, our rural community could be left without needed, local cancer screening services.

Dignity Fund – The Dignity Fund helps low-income patients leaving the hospital avoid life-threatening situations and re-admittance as well as provide for some of life’s most basic universal needs. Medical social workers provide vouchers and other assistance for critical needs including medications, food, shelter, clothing and transportation. The fund is monitored by our hospital’s social work department and is always in need of on-going assistance.

General Equipment Fund – Providing the proper technology and equipment necessary to function effectively and provide effective rural health care. The General Equipment Fund covers such costs as bedside ultrasound equipment for our emergency department, bladder scanning imaging equipment for our hospital, new beds and outpatient procedure geri-chairs.

Unrestricted Fund (greatest need) – Helps meet the most urgent needs of our hospital ensuring that we have outstanding, local medical care for now and for future generations.

Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization that assists community members in supporting clinical and healthcare services associated with Cottage Grove Community Hospital.

Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation
Linzy Munger, Administrative Assistant
1515 Village Drive
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
Phone: 541-222-7100
Fax: 541-222-7105