Cottage Grove earns Top Performer recognition

Cottage Grove Community Hospital has been recognized by the Oregon Rural Healthcare Quality Network as a “Best Practices Top Performer” in the Quality Health Indicators performance benchmarking program. The program involved 16 states and 235 rural hospitals.

For Cottage Grove Community Hospital, the award was the result of exemplary performance in three main areas: minimizing hospital acquired infections, pneumonia immunizations and discharge instructions for patients admitted with a diagnosis of heart failure.

Little steps lead to big accomplishments

Strict procedures and policies have helped reduce the risk of hospital infection, along with the cautious use of antibiotic medications and mandates for frequent hand washings. Medical staff and support systems have also successfully communicated to the community the need for immunizations to prevent pneumonia. By providing detailed and easy-to-understand discharge instructions to heart patients, the staff at Cottage Grove Community Hospital demonstrated competence and outstanding performance.

Hard-working rural hospitals

Mary Anne McMurren, administrator of Cottage Grove Community Hospital says, “It’s an impressive achievement to be named a ‘Best Practices Top Performer’ because we know it’s based on our own performance and compared to other small rural hospitals who are working just as hard as we are to deliver quality care to their patients and community.”

Keep on keeping on

It’s that type of overall respect and appreciation for hard work in rural settings that helps Cottage Grove Community Hospital stay aware of the need for new policies and procedures to maintain the hospital’s rank as a top performer. 

A job well done, Cottage Grove administrators and staff.