​Cottage Grove Gala Sparkles with Generosity



December took on a special sparkle at the Moonlight and Martinis Gala, the eighth annual gala to benefit Cottage Grove Community Hospital Foundation. Held at Emerald Valley in Creswell, the evening featured dinner, themed martinis, a lively dessert dash, raffles and a live auction for beautiful holiday wreaths.

Guests could have thought the whole evening was fun and games, had it not been for the medical mannequin and the futuristic gadget and video monitor near the door. The gadget in question is a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope, a fiber optic instrument that incorporates fiber optic laparoscopy cameras into intubation procedures.

Daniel Kranitz, DO, an emergency room doctor at Cottage Grove Community Hospital, demonstrated its use on the mannequin as he chatted with guests about the GlideScope’s many advantages—including ease of use and increased patient safety.

“The GlideScope has become a standard of care in emergency medicine,” said Dr. Kranitz. “Intubation can be a difficult procedure to accomplish on anyone whose neck isn’t precisely textbook, such as someone with a shallow neck or an obstruction due to throat cancer.”

Dr. Kranitz explained how much easier an intubation procedure is with the GlideScope versus a traditional laryngoscope by telling a story about his 15-year-old son who gave intubation a try. After succeeding on only his second try, he said, “This is almost like cheating.”

By the end of the night, the gala had raised more than double the $20,000 needed to purchase a GlideScope for Cottage Grove Community Hospital. An elated Dr. Kranitz thanked the crowd, saying, “This instrument allows us to provide the care you’ve come to expect when you come to our department.”