Clinical Research


Jerold Hawn, MD, Physician Lead

Over the last decade, identification of mechanisms that could both accelerate the pace at which laboratory science is translated into clinical applications and facilitate direct involvement of patients/caregivers in guiding scientific investigation has become a national priority. PeaceHealth Oregon Region (PHOR) and the University of Oregon (UO) have recently engaged in a two-year study to determine how teaming a regional medical center, community physicians, and university faculty, distant from a major population center, might provide an excellent model for translational science. Data derived from this study suggest a high level of interest among academic researchers and clinicians in research collaborations, and numerous examples of how productive such collaborative efforts can be when they are properly established and supported.

The Translational Research Award Program

The Translational Research Award Program has been organized to encourage collaborations between university investigators and research-active clinicians, and to foster the development of new, non-traditional research teams. A listing of research projects can be found here.

Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute Research

The heart care specialists at the Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute have conducted dozens of clinical trials and studies in an ongoing effort to further improve patient care and contribute to the knowledge of the medical community. For a sampling of recent OHVI research, click here.

Clinical Research Recognition in Our Community (pdf)
Since 2006, the Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation and the PeaceHealth Oregon West Network has recognized Clinical Research at various recognition events. Honorees are selected each year for their innovative research.

PeaceHealth Institutional Review Board

PeaceHealth requires that all investigators conducting research on humans respect and protect the rights and welfare of individuals recruited for, and/or participating in, research under the supervision of PeaceHealth. As part of this commitment, Responsible Conduct of Research education is required of all investigators, research staff, and other relevant personnel.

The Institutional Review Board must evaluate all research that is conducted with human subjects, regardless of funding, to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of all research subjects. Medical professionals can learn more about the IRB here