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Exceptional Medicine & Compassionate Care

Our promise of the Spirit of Health is a continuation of the healing ministry begun in 1890 in Bellingham by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and their lay colleagues when they founded St. Joseph Hospital to care for loggers, mill workers and their families.

Our promise guides what we do and how we go about doing it. It is relationship-centered. It is based on the premise that everything in the environment affects recovery and healing. Very little is neutral; almost everything can either enhance or impair the healing process for our patients and their families.

From our faith tradition, the Spirit of Health integrates healing in a holistic sense: a focus on the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of our patients. Our goal is to provide highly reliable, safe clinical treatment, striving to use the best that technology and science can provide.

The Spirit of Health guides us as we continue to transform our health care system through networks of care serving many communities. It guides us as we develop our models of care in service to our patients and families. It guides us in how we hire, develop and respond to the needs of our caregivers. It guides us as we design facilities. It guides us as we continuously improve systems, processes, programs and organizational infrastructures.

We will have fulfilled our vision when every PeaceHealth patient receives safe, evidence-based, compassionate care: every time, every touch.

The Spirit of Health combines the science and art, the head and heart of our health care ministry.

The Spirit of Health is the cornerstone of our culture at PeaceHealth.