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“Thank you for taking care of me in my time of need.”

Eugene | October 25, 2019
handwritten thank you note
A grateful patient writes thank you note to compassionate PeaceHealth rehab nurse

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
                                                                                    ― Plato

A young, homeless patient found kindness, compassion and skilled nursing care at the Oregon Rehabilitation Center at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center – University District in Eugene.

Grateful beyond words, he wrote a sincere note of appreciation for Kim Pham, RN staff nurse.

The note reads: For Kim: Thank you for taking care of me in my times of need. You are an amazing lady. And although I didn't always know what you were saying I always knew what you meant. Much love.

“We treated him with dignity and offered him the best of care,” Kim recalls. “We worked as a team night and day, helping him maintain a positive outlook, regain his independence and improve his quality of life. His note made my day!”

The Oregon Rehabilitation Center works with patients like the one Kim and her team cared for to maximize functional independence and plan for a successful return to home and community.

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