When a baby’s life is at stake, it isn’t just paperwork

Longview | October 5, 2017
Medical records team acts fast to help couple’s quest to foster little one

Anxious expressions on the faces of their two customers signaled to Jeanne Boyle (pictured) and Candace Specht that the next request would not be routine.

The hopeful couple waiting outside the medical records office at PeaceHealth in Longview needed some very important paperwork STAT!

While STAT is usually heard in life or death situations among doctors or nurses, it’s a term that’s also used by staff in health information management when a patient urgently needs care documentation.

After talking with the couple, Boyle and Specht quickly kicked into high gear—especially when they knew what was at stake.

They shot the request off to their fellow co-workers at PeaceHealth’s System Services Center in Vancouver, Washington, who did their magic and turned the request around later that same day.

“Without the fast and friendly services by the entire team, this couple would have missed out on fostering—and possibly adopting—a sweet baby,” said Specht.

The couple was so grateful, the husband returned a few days later to the office, bearing roses, a thank you card and a picture of their precious new addition.

Specht said, “We love helping people. We do whatever we can to help our patients and fellow caregivers.” In this case, the whole team worked together to help an extremely grateful family.