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I know how to get there….or do I?

Vancouver | May 22, 2017
Off-duty security officer helps lost patient get to appointment on time

Have you ever thought you knew how to get somewhere, and then discovered later that you didn’t?

And why does that always seem to happen when you have to be there by a certain time?

One PeaceHealth caregiver had this experience at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington. He wrote:

“Since I work for PeaceHealth and had been at the hospital a few times before, I thought I knew where to go for my appointment. I soon realized, after a few elevator rides and wrong turns that I was in the wrong building.

I started walking back across the campus in search of the correct building. My mobility challenges require me to use a cane, and after a few minutes of walking through the parking lot, I began to slow down a bit.

I heard someone behind me speaking on a cell phone, mentioning he was off for the day and would be home soon. The call ended and a few moments later he asked me "are you lost?"

I turned to see a security guard. I told him I was, but it sounded like he was off work, and I didn’t want to trouble him.

He told me it was no problem. He knew a shortcut to help me get to my appointment on time.

As we walked, I asked his name, he told me it was Vince (Vicente “Vince” Salazar). He walked me to the location, streamlining the route (which I would have never figured out on my own), and I was able to make it to my appointment.

Salazar’s kind gesture made the day much easier for a fellow caregiver who also happened to be a patient that afternoon. It was a reminder that no matter what a caregiver’s job title is at PeaceHealth—each has the opportunity to give care to patients.