Where do you go for a great meal?

Ketchikan | June 14, 2017
Long-time cook makes foodie friends feel warm welcome

If you’re in Ketchikan, Alaska, make a beeline to the Four Seasons Café at PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center. You’ll find yourself in good company with locals who have found the best-kept secret, according to Mischa Chernick, a caregiver at PeaceHealth Ketchikan.

“Several of my friends have recently discovered what a great deal our medical center's café is for a tasty lunch,” she said. “We regularly meet up in the cafeteria to enjoy a meal together.”Oscar Lorenzo

While the quality and variety of the menu is a major draw, it’s also the hospitality of the food service team—especially, Oscar Lorenzo, who has been at PeaceHealth Ketchikan for more than 20 years.

Earlier this year, Lorenzo struck up a special rapport with Chernick’s friend, Jeff, who had eaten in the café enough to have a few favorite dishes.

“A few weeks ago, Jeff mentioned to Oscar that he was craving some of the delicious pot-stickers he makes. Oscar laughingly told Jeff that he would make him an honorary ‘employee of the month’ that Friday,” Chernick said. Choosing the café’s food choices one day during the month is one of the perks of this honor.

“Jeff was tickled by that. He even brought several other friends with him to enjoy pot-stickers and celebrate his special status!,” she said.

Those who know Lorenzo say his warmth and kindness are standard fare. “Oscar is a great guy.  He works to make people feel welcome and has a way with people,” said Tom Bachant, manager of food and environmental services. “He always has a smile and kind word.”

Chernick echoes the sentiment. “It's easy to see why so many people consider Oscar a friend and we're lucky to have him serving our patients and community with such kindness.”